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Wicca Girl
R. Allen Leider



Hellfire Lounge
Edited by: R. Allen Leider
Featuring stories by James Chambers, C.J. Henderson, John L. French,
R. Allen Leider
and Richard Dean Star

Fantasy | Horror Anthology

Wicca Girl 2 Front CoverWicca Girl 2 Back CoverWicca Girl 2: The Persistence of Evil
R. Allen Leider



Coming Soon!

The Supernatural Investigators of C.J. Henderson
C.J. Henderson

Fantasy | Horror Anthology

But Seriously, Folks:
The Off-Kilter Comedy
of C.J. Henderson

Edited by Jack Dolphin

Comedy | Fantasy

Where Angels Fear
C.J. Henderson & Bruce Gehweiler

(Darkquest Gaming & Books)

Fantasy | Horror

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New Releases
Thomas and
CJ Henderson


Cross-Genre Anthology
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    Featured Author -
    CJ Henderson

    C.J. Henderson is the creator of the Teddy London supernatural detective series, author of such diverse yet fabulously interesting titles as The Field Guide to Monsters, Baby's First Mythos and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies and some fifty other books and novels. He has had hundreds of short stories published along with hundreds of comics and thousands of non-fiction pieces. The first novel in his latest series, Brooklyn Knights, will be coming out from Tor later this year. Published in some ten languages around the world, he is as beloved as he is rotund, which is saying a lot. For more on this happiest, and heaviest, of fellows, check out his website,, where he invites you to read the posted short stories. If you send him a pie, he will remember you in his prayers.

    R. Allen LeiderFeatured Author -
    R. Allen Leider

    Film reviewer/screenwriter R. Allen Leider began his career in 1970 at CBS news as copy boy for The Walter Cronkite TV News. In 1973, he became features writer for The Monster Times, and later editor for Show Magazine, Celebrity Magazine and other national publications. His photojournalist work was distributed worldwide for 30 years by Transworld Features Syndicate. He lives in Manhattan with wife Barbara, a professional photographer. He created the story/screenplay for The Oracle (1985), and hosted his own radio show Cinemascene on WWFM, for five years. Presently, he writes and edits the online magazine The Black Cat Review. He is the author of Wicca Girl:, Fighting Fire with Hellfire, and the just released Wicca Girl 2: The Persistence of Evil. He also edited The Hellfire Lounge, a companion anthology to Wicca Girl with stories by himself, CJ Henderson, James Chambers, John L. French and Richard Dean Starr. Hellfire Lounge 2: Rat Pack Redux is scheduled for release in September 2011.