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        Breaking Into Fiction Writing


    Authors: Bruce Gehweiler and CJ Henderson
    Publication Date: January 2007
    Editor: CJ Henderson
    Cover Art:
    Cover Design:
    Hardcover: 1892669382
    $25.00, 5.5 x 8.5, 200 pages 

    Also Available in:
    Tradepaper: 1892669366, $15.00
    5 CD Audio: 1892669153, $125
    5 DVD Set: 1892669145, $125

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Good intro to the writing and publishing of fiction. Excellent real world examples. Nice coverage of both traditional and self-publishing. Engaging style, very readable. I recommend this book. BookBuilder

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Get the skills, get the secrets, get the strategies, get the know-how, get productive and get published!

"Dune"--considered the greatest science fiction novel of all time--was turned down by every single NYC publisher until it was finally accepted by a small press. "The Hunt for the Red October"--the book that made Tom Clancy a mega-star--was rejected by over 30 publishers. Trying to sell anything new, different, personal or original has always been tough. And these days it's only tougher. The sad truth is, talent just isn't enough. You need to learn:

    *An organized system of creating great fiction
    *Tips to increase your productivity as your popularity grows
    *Effective ways to contact editors and publishers, and sell your fiction
    *About writing groups, contests, query letters, and pitching books
    *The ins and outs of literary agents, signing contracts, copyright laws, subsidiary rights, and licensing to film studios and gaming companies


This book dispels the myths and cuts through the misconceptions about the book business. It teaches you success strategies proven in the real world! But getting published is just the start. To really break into a fiction writing career you need to understand the best ways to increase sales, how to manage your own publicity, how to maximize the Internet to reach millions of readers as well as the secrets to creating an exciting website, building a fan base for your fiction by using e-zines, blogs, and podcasting to interact with your readers.

"Breaking Into Fiction Writing!" gives you the knowledge you need to become a brand name author. Learn how to use book packaging to create more books for yourself and others, as well as a constant stream of income from book advances and royalties. Get the most from your efforts by learning how to sell your writing over and over again to multiple publishers! Keep your books in print and selling a lifetime. It's all here from two veteran writers and editors who sell every word they write!

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