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Hellfire Lounge R. Allen Leider  

Horror | Fantasy Anthology

Edited by: R. Allen Leider
Featuring stories by James Chambers, C.J. Henderson,
John L. French
, R. Allen Leider and Richard Dean Star

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Cover Art: Ben Fogletto
Hellfire Lounge also features full-page illustrations by Jim Webb and Denny Fincke

Trade Paperback: 1-892669-61-7

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Look for the new adventures of Wicca Girl:
Hellfire Lounge 2: Rat Pack Redux — mid-Summer 2011

Featuring a new Wicca Girl short story and unpublished works by
R. Allen Leider and C.J. Henderson

Illustrated by Denny Fincke and Jim Webb

Book Description

Give ’em Hell for the Holidays!!!

The Devil's Rat Pack Celebrates
The World's Most Amazing, Scary, Weird Tales

Celebrate with Us at London's Hellfire Lounge

Satan is your host and his guests include Beelzebub, Druscilla Marie d’Lambert (Wicca Girl) and Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz (Daughter of Darkness). The drinks are strong and a coven of master storytellers — James Chambers, John L. French, CJ Henderson,R. Allen Leider and Richard Dean Starr — impart tales of strange and unearthly things.

Sip your bubbling brew and hear of a dragon who prefers bacon to virgins; the cannibal curse of Aleister Crowley; a kindly grandfather accidentally transformed into a blood-thirsty zombie; two complete case files of supernatural investigator Bianca Jones; soul-searching and snatching in the most perverse manner; a Holocaust survivor’s bizzare revenge goes amok; cowardly reprobate Darby goes to Hell to help a friend; the Devil’s three sons — Moe, Larry and Curley — foul up the Apocalypse; the ancient Syrens plot world domination via the recording industry; and many more accounts of the supernatural.

BONUS: New Scotland Yard enlists MI-6 agent Wicca Girl — Druscilla, Queen of Witches — to capture a 300 year-old serial killer.

Have a seat and join the party!You never know who you’ll meet in The Hellfire Lounge!

Available late-November 2009 at all major book outlets and online at in print, ebook, Glassbook™ and Kindle™ versions. Look for special combo deals on Wicca Girl and Hellfire Lounge together.