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Wicca Girl 2 Front CoverWicca Girl 2 Back Cover

Wicca Girl 2: The Persistence of Evil

Author: R. Allen Leider
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Cover Art: Ben Fogletto
Wicca Girl 2 features full-page illustrations by Denny Fincke

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R. Allen Leider was interviewed during Balticon for Erk Pod’s podcast.

Look for the new adventures of Wicca Girl:
Wicca Girl 3: The Maze of Destiny — due 2013
Wicca Girl 4: The Road to Hades — due 2014

Party with Druscilla and Cher in
Hellfire Lounge 2: Rat Pack Redux — due September 2011

Reviews for Wicca Girl

HURRAY for Wicca Girl! ( Rating 5 stars of 5)
By HardCandy

“I met the writer at a Comic Con event and he was so engaging that I decided to buy the book, thinking, ‘Ok, I'll read a little and wonder later why did I waste money on this?’ I was shocked to find that I loved it and so far it has been the best read all year for me. The characters were delightful, sometimes scary well written but believable at least for me, but other that it was like revisiting Buffy and company. I look forward to the trilogy and wish I didn't have to waste a year for the next one.”